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My policies and procedures... this page is under construction!

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Custom Orders

I can customize any of the crafts that I offer on this website. Here are some things important to custom orders:

  • Keep in mind that custom crafts take time. When your order is confirmed you will receive a time estimate. I will always honor that estimate, although I may finish it faster than expected and ship it to you early.
  • If I have everything I need on hand, to make your custom craft, your waiting time will be shorter.
  • If you want me to use materials you have (example- fabrics, charms, herbs, etc...) then I must wait until you ship those items to me before I can complete your order. You are responsible for shipping additional items to me, so that it does not change the price of your order.
  • If you find additional materials online that you wish for me to use, then you are responsible for ordering it and having it shipped to me.

How can my craft be customized?

Wand Bags- I can make custom wands bags by request. You can specify the fabric, the thread and the ribbon colors for your bag. By using color magick you can infuse your bag with a specific magickal intent, such as protection, purification or for a secret purpose. For example- You need to bring emotional balance to your life but the colors for emotion and for balance do not match the color scheme of the wand bag you have chosen. I can sew in two swatches of ribbon into the seem of the bag that will be unseen from the outside of the bag but you will be able to see it if you turn the bag inside out. You may have specific beads or charms you wish for me to use in your bag, I can do that too!

If you have a specific magickal intent for a wand that you own and you want a custom bag made for it just let me know the following:

  • Which pattern or color of fabric do you want?
  • What color thread?
  • What color of ribbon?
  • Do you want swatches of different colors of ribbon sewed into the seem?

Wine Bags- The customization for these bags are no different from the ones for wand bags. Just let me know the specifics and I will see what I can do.

Cards- I can make custom greeting cards based on your need. If you want invitations to an event such as a solstice celebration or for a hand-fasting I can make them for you! If you want standard greeting cards I can make them too! If you see a card design that you like but would like it in different colors, that is a relatively easy custom order. Or if you want a card I have already made to have the inside customized, that too is an easy order. But if you want an order customized from scratch then what I will do is make 3 prototypes and e-mail a picture of them to you (or snail mail the actual cards) for your approval. You choose which one you want me to reproduce and then I will gather the needed supplies and begin crafting the order.

Keep in mind that custom ordering a large amount of cards will take time to make so your wait time will depend on:

  • If I have the supplies needed on hand or do I have to seek out additional supplies from online or other store front resources?
  • The number of cards being made.
  • If I must make prototypes first and wait for your approval before crafting your order.

Magickal Paper- The handmade paper that I offer can be made specifically for you! Just let me know the following things and I can custom craft your paper for your specific needs:

  • What is your magickal need for this paper?
  • What colors would you like used for your paper?
  • What herbs would you like me to use?
  • Does it need to be made on the full moon, new moon or any other specific time?

Payment Policies

I accept practically all forms of payments in US dollars. I will not ship any order or begin crafting an order until payment is received. You can send payments:
  • By credit card, direct draft and e-check through PayPal.
    • If you pay through PayPal you order can be shipped immediatly!
    • If you pay through PayPal the crafting of your custom order can begin immediatly! 
  • Check, cash or money order mailed or given in person directly to me.
    • I do not guarentee payments sent through mail, you are responsible for it if it is lost or stolen!
    • I suggest mailing payment with delivery confirmation and/or insurance if possible.
    • If your personal check bounces there will be a charge of $30 to cover that charges made by my bank to me!
    • Why not sign up for a PayPal account, it is free and I will never see your payment information such as credit card numbers or bank account numbers! It is secured and insurered!


Shipping and Handling

I will attempt to ship your order as soon as it is completed.

I offer the following shipping methods:

  • Standard United States Postal Service (USPS)
  • USPS Priority
  • USPS Express

Shipping & Handling will be calculated for each customer and be added to your order total. I personally hate outrageous SH&H charges, so I will only charge you the exact cost of packaging and shipping the item to you. For example, If you choose Priority or Express Mail the shipping materials are free so you will be only charged for the shipping! If you choose regular mail then you will pay for the shipping and the packaging materials (all of my boxes are approx $2 or less depending on the size).

Since it is the customer who pays for shipping I do not see why I cannot offer world wide shipping! If the US Postal Service ships there, I will get it to you! Heck if you live in a place that USPS does not deliver and you are willing to pay for some other delivery service then I will do my best to accommodate you! So I will basically ship anywhere including military APO addresses!

Returns & Refunds

Customers often ask what my return policy is. I aim for complete customer satisfaction. If you are not completely happy with your purchase, I want to hear about it. Let me know if something is wrong and I will do what we can to make it right.

Due to the nature of the crafts that I make and sell, I can rarely accept a return. These crafts are typically custom made for the purchaser and cannot be resold. Although I will take each case on it's own merits. Although I am sure you will be completely satisfied and you will not have a desire to return your purchase! If for whatever reason I do grant a return, the purchaser is responsible for shipping the item back to me.

Please remember that this is just a side business right now, I cannot grant refunds. All money made from this venture is used to directly fund the activities of my son's Spiral Scouts Hearth. I will not take money from them! I hope that you can understand this part of my returns and refunds policy.

Advertising Policies

I keep information on all customers that purchase things through me. If you wish to receive updates on new items I will be happy to send you periodic e-mails. If you do not wish to receive further contact from me, I will honor that as well.
I do not sell or give away ANY information on my customers!
If you have your own website and would like to exchange links, I would be happy to do so. Please send me an e-mail and in the subject heading please put "Link Exchange". I will e-mail you with a graphic and the actual web address that I wish for you to use.
If you are dissatisfied with your order,
tell me!
If you are satisfied with your order,
tell others!

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Do you have any questions? Send me an e-mail at:

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