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Wand Bags

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Wand Bags

Handmade fleece wand bags complete with complementary ribbon and beading to safely protect your wand during storage and travel.

My wand bags are available in three sizes so that that they will fit any wand. It does not matter if it is thick or thin, straight or twisted; the fleece will gently hug your wand no matter if it's made of metal, wood, stone or crystals! The beaded ribbon then ties at one end and you can crisscross them down the length of the wand and tie it securely at the opposite end for a snug, custom fit.

  • Small Wand Bag $4.00
    • approximately (6" L x 2" W
    • great for small metal wands or crystal massage wands
  • Medium Wand Bag $6.00
    • approximately (11" L x 2" W)
    • great for medium length wands made of any material
  • Large Wand Bag $12.00
    • approximately (19" L x 2" W)
    • great for traditional length wands or wands made of oddly shaped or twisted materials (ex- twisted willow wands)

Solid Colors


Royal Purple
Great for Pagan Clergy or those who just love a rich purple!
currently available


Sage Green
This picture does not do this great mossy color justice!
currently available


Bold Burgundy
A rich color anyone would enjoy!
currently available


Neon Green
This lime color is hard not to notice, even in the grass!
currently available


True Black
A true black that resembles the smoothest black cat!
currently available

Fun Prints


Rainbow Tye Dye
Love the 70's or you want to show your gay pride? Choose this fun pattern!
currently available


Blue Flame
This hot fabric is all the rage! What better way to join the powers of the blue waters and the flame of fire?
currently available

Feminine Prints


Lovely Lavendar
This lovely array of lavendars features a white Renaissance pattern!
currently available


Paisley Pink

This array of pinks and whites highlights a row of paisley patterns.

currently available

Masculine Prints


Woodland Cammo
Perfect for any Pagan soldier!
currently available

Tropical Print Fabric


The Tropics
Various greens grace these layers of fernlike branches.
currently available


Hawaiian Delivery
It's a special delivery with postage marks from the Hawaiian Islands!
currently available


Blue Paradise
Rich blues gracing tropical ferns for a classic look.
currently available

Animal Prints


Typical Leopard
This scan does not show what a wonderfully creamy array of browns that make up this leopard print.
currently available


Blue Leopard
This fun modern animal print is perfect for the young pagan or the young at heart!
currently available


Wild Thang
This great animal pattern has a mix of zebra, tiger and leopard prints in a classic black and white!
currently available

Nature Prints


Blocks of Nature
This block pattern fabric has leaves, nuts and other naturally occuring prints.
currently available


Bright Blossoms
This bright fabric has cute blossoms reminiscent of spring!
currently available


Fall Leaves
This black fabric is sprinkled with autumn colored maple leaves for a classical fall look.
currently available


Autumn Colors
All of the colors and leaves of autumn!!
currently available


Cool blues and aquas with accents of purple in waves of color bring to mind the age of aquarius!
currently available

Please see my use and care instructions on my policies page for more details!

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