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My Crafts
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Crafting the Craft ™
Wand Bags
On this page I will list all of the crafts I offer as part of my main craft line. Please check in often because I will frequently update the product pages with new items.

Handmade fleece wand bags complete with complementary ribbon and beading to safely protect your wand during storage and travel.
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Handmade Pagan Greeting Cards
Handmade cards created for the Pagan in mind.
prices vary based on materials used


Handmade Magickal Paper
Feather Fountain Pen
Handmade paper that has the color and the herbs selected for a specific magickal purpose!  Use it in a spell, burn it, or even use it in a scrapbook or your BOS! Yes, this paper has been treated with a pH buffer powder!
prices vary based on herbs used!

Coming Soon!
Wine Bags
Quarter Markers
Candle Holders
Minitravel Altars

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