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A dear friend of mine is authoring a new book on Pagan Etiquette. He is looking for input from the pagan community. On this page, you can find a questionnaire that you can copy and paste into an e-mail or a Word document and sent it to the author, Puck Shadowdrake. I am sure we all have experiences situations that have bothered us in the past. Take part in an innovative approach at compiling a book on Pagan Etiquette!

Much Thanks~ Lady Autumn



To all who have filled this out, thank you for your time and information. Please fill out the questionnaire to the best of your ability, using extra paper, if necessary. All personal information will be kept confidential.

Please email all responses to:




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1)      What is etiquette? How does it pertain to Magickal paths?

2)      What are some mistakes people make in trying to find a Coven or magickal group? What things would you tell them to make it go more smoothly?

3)      What are your pet peeves about Ritual Etiquette? How can people correct them?

4)      What should parents remember when bringing kids to Rituals? How can ritualists make rituals more fun for kids?

5)      What do people need to know about Festivals before, during, and after? How can one get the most out of a Festival? What are the main pitfalls and how do you avoid them?

6)      Do you go skyclad in rituals? Why or why not? What are your tips on how to handle a skyclad event or Circle?

What is Pagan Standard Time? Do you allow it or discourage it? Why is it so disruptive? What can people do to make rituals timelier?




1)      What do you feel is your particular teaching style?

2)      How can Group leaders best serve their students? Their Community?

3)      What is "Priest/Priestess-itis"?  What can Leaders do to deal with it? What are its consequences?

4)      Have you had to work with other Elders of other Traditions or Paths before? 

5)      How can Councils work for the good of the Pagan community?

6)      How important is teaching Ethics in Magick?  On a scale of 1-10, (1 being "totally unimportant" and 10 being "totally important"), where would teaching Ethics fall, and why?

7)      Does your group work with different pantheons, or only one?  What practical suggestions do you have for working with a particular Pantheon, and why?  Give examples.

8)      How wise is it to 'mix-and-match' Pantheons? Which ones work best with each other?  Why or why not?

9)      Which deities shouldn't be invoked together? Why or why not?

10)  Have you ever been in a "mix-and-match" ritual that worked? Why or why not?





1)      How should you handle the following situations? Have you ever had to deal with these situations before? Please give examples.

a.       Dealing with the Authorities - Police, C.P.S., Sheriff, etc.

b.      Dealing with City/County/State/Federal Governments?

c.       Dealing with Fundamentalists and their protests?

d.      ”Coming out of the broom closet" to family, etc.

e.       Dealing with your kids 'coming out' as Pagans/Witches?

f.        Dealing with the Media - TV, print, radio, etc. - Do's and don'ts?

2)      How do disagreements, feuds, and "Witch Wars" start? What impact does this have on the Pagan community as a whole? How do you stop them in their tracks? How can we prevent them?


(For Leaders or members of other non-Wiccan groups):


3)      What types of situations would you like to see in the book that pertains to your magickal tradition?

4)      Are there any other etiquette suggestions you can give that have not been covered by this questionnaire?

Thank you for your responses!

If you have any questions about this new book, please e-mail Puck at

© 2003 & 2004~ All Rights Reserved by Lady Autumn