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Photography of Altars and Sacred Spaces.

Eventually I will post pictures of various altars I have photographed. All photos and rights to them belong to me. If the altar arrangements were made by someone else I will give them credit for their creativity! Make sure you take some time and click on the photos for a larger view!

The Lady

This particular shot was taken one afternoon while I was messing around with my camera. It is a close up shot of the Celtic Goddess Statue I have on my home altar. She is holding a clear quartz crystal sphere that has inclusions very similar to my larger crystal ball... it is so interesting to compare! The spiral plate I use for cakes and I found it in the clearance section of Wal-Mart! Also pictured is a silver bell and baby caldron that I found at Galactic Gateways in Nashville, TN!

My Home Altar
This is my home altar that rests in a place of honor in my living/dining room combination of my house. The lovely spiral sconces and candle holders that are above and flank my altar are from a mail order catalog but you can find them on eBay! The wheel of the year plaque is from Dryad Designs and the triple goddess plaque is from a great little booth at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. The Lord and Lady statues with matching candle stick holders are from Dryad Design, I bought them from a really good friend of mine who was looking to change up his altar with other statuary. I also have a wooden incense stick box from Magical Journey in Nashville, TN.
My Home Altar
This is a full length shot of my home altar. I am very proud of the piece of furniture that I use for my altar space. It was bought from an unfinished furniture store in Clarksville, TN. Originally it was a serving table for a dining room but I thought it was the perfect height for a standing altar. So I bought it and stained it myself with water based wood stain in "spring green" and I left the knobs in their original color. I finished it off with several layers of table top grade polycrylic. Overall, it turned out quite nice and it stores most of my ritual supplies!
Homemade Tools
Several years ago I feel in love with this green goblet but the artist did not make other matching pieces. So one afternoon I got creative and used that great “faux stone spray” to change ordinary glad kitchen wear into some great complementary pieces for my altar. The pieces that I created are a water decanter, offering bowl and a salt dish (w/lid). Check out my other website (Lady Autumn Designs) for an essay about creating custom pieces like I did!
Lugh Altar 2004
This is the altar arrangement I made for our coven's Lughnasadh/Lammas ritual. It is mostly comprised of pieces from my home altar. Thankfully, we did not have to carry the pieces too far since we circle outside in my backyard underneath my fabric enclosure. The enclosure is actually one of my favorite additions to my house since it is lit on the inside with fairy lights, a great Moroccan lantern, and lots of candles. It is further “warmed up” with some furniture, a rug and plants! I love spending time out there! Anyways, the altar cloth is actually an autumn flavored Celtic knot work bedspread sized cloth. Then the candle holders have some flowers decorating them and the altar candle is made to look like wheat stalks!

If you are local to me and would like your altar or ritual photographed, send me an e-mail and we can make arrangments! I should be getting some new equipment soon!

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