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I really enjoy writing editorials, book reviews and informational articles for various publications. On this page you will find links to some of my work that I hope you will enjoy!  If you publish your own magazine, newsletter or e-zine and you would like permission to reprint anything you find here, just let me know!

Crafting the Craft TM
Kidz Korner TM

"The problem with clinging to a single doctrine is that it plunders the Way."
~ Confucianism. Mencius VII.A.26 ~

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"If you know the eternal law, you are tolerant;

being tolerant, you are impartial;

being impartial, you are kindly;

being kindly, you are in accord with nature;

being in accord with nature, you are in accord with Tao;

being in accord with Tao, you are eternal.”

 ~ Taoism. Tao Te Ching 16 ~

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