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Lady Autumn Speaks

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Here I'll link to all the sites that are important to me. Friends, other blogs I enjoy, or any web sites I think more people should know about. I could use a format like this:

Blogs I read

Starving for the City!

Cadet Life!

Organizations that I am Proud to be a member of:

Willow Circle Coven

Spiral Scouts International

Military Pagan Network

Nashville Pagan Pride

The Federation of Circles & Solitaries

Link Swaps:

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Links every pagan should have:

The Witchvox

Important Causes I Support:

The Tempest Smith Foundation

EARTHWARD's India Tracy Campaign

My personal websites:
(or websites that I manage!)

It's An Army Life!

Lady Autumn Designs

Lady Autumn Speaks

An it harm none, Do as Ye will

MPN: Fort Campbell

"The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love."
~ Christianity. Galatians 5.6 ~

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