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Crafting the Craft™~ Magickal Paper Making

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Recycling and Crafting brought to a whole new level!


One afternoon some members of The Federation met at my house for a quick and easy class on paper making. I am sure when the class was first introduced most people thought, why on Earth do I need to know how to make paper? Well have you ever done any spell work that required you to write something on paper? Burn something written on paper or bury it in the ground? If you said yes, you have a reason to make your own! Being the tree-hugging Earth lovers that we are, why not save a few trees and recycle the scrap paper you having lying in your house and use it for magickal purposes! There is a small investment involved in making your own paper if you do not have woodworking skills to make your own paper mold, but otherwise it is an inexpensive and fun endeavor! My best advice is to buy any size of the Arnold Grummer ( paper making kits from Joanne etc., that would suit your needs. Trust me, it is so much easier than trying to make your own mold!

During the class I showed my friends how they can take any paper (scraps, newspaper, cardstock, envelopes, and even soup labels) mix it with a little water, some herbs and create paper to be used in their next spell-work! It is a simple and fun process just ask them! First we decided what magickal purpose we had for the paper that we were making, then we started with any old scrap paper and put it in a blender with a little water. We added scraps of colored paper (or dye ink) to change the color of the pulp and added herbal mixtures that would aid our selected magickal purpose. After blending the pulp to a fine “sludge” we poured the pulp into the paper mold, evened it out and removed the tray from the mold. We then pressed out the excess water and soaked the remaining water up with specialty “paper towels” called couches. When our new paper was slightly damp to the touch we placed it in a “press” that I created, but you can also let it air dry or speed up the process with a hot iron! Once their paper dried they were able to take it home and either run it through a printer, use it for any paper crafts or simply use a brush tipped marker or gel ink pen to write directly on it!

By recycling some scraps you have in the house and combining your herbal and color know-how into your paper you can use your hand made paper for any magickal work! I keep a small supply of already made paper with specified purposes in my altar box for quick any easy, spur-of-the-moment, spell work!

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