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Inspired by a walk in the woods, this poem parallels the journey to the divine.


You hear Her call but you do not see Her.

You follow Her path but you cannot find Her.

Her call is faint, as it travels through the dense nature ahead.

The only way to Her is a difficult climb.

The rocks are steep and hard to traverse.

The journey is rough but well worth it.

Through the trees, below the hill you hear Her.

She is closer, She is louder, She is calling for you.

The path has become obscured, you have to fight for every step.

A number of times you almost stumble,

but you regain your balance and continue on.

Then through the trees you catch a glimpse of Her beauty.

Hidden deep in the woods, through a dense forest,

beyond the easy path you find Her.

Like the flowing waters, Her graceful dance embraces your spirit,

and you know that you are Her kin.

This poem won an award from and has been published in "Tracing the Infinite" published by the International Library of Poetry. I am sorry that the photos are so small but I am using a free host and cannot upload larger files. If you are interested in buying your own copy of this picture, just contact me!

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